Operating System (Online Practice) Page 46

Q1: Which file system windows 2000 server uses?
  • a) FAT16 
  • b) FAT32 
  • b) FAT64 
  • d) NTFS

Q2: Which of the following is system software?
  • a) compiler 
  • b) interpreter 
  • c) operating system 
  • d) all

Q3: Which command asks to confirm to delete the directory?
  • a) deltree/f 
  • b) format 
  • c) del *.*/p 
  • d) deltree *.*

Q4: Which of the following is internal command?
  • a) del 
  • b) scandisk 
  • c) format 
  • d) chkdsk

Q5: In which of the following appears the recently used application lists?
  • a) document 
  • b) my computer 
  • c) run 
  • d) program

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