Operating System (Online Practice) Page 48

Q1: The number of character contained in primary name in DOS is
  • a) upto 8 
  • b) upto 3 
  • c) upto 10 
  • c) upto 255

Q2: Which command is used to combine the files ‘computer’ + ‘book’ to the new file ‘compbook’?
  • a) copy computer + book compbook 
  • b) copy compbook computer+book 
  • c) copy comp+book+compbook 
  • d) copy compbook+computer book

Q3: Which one is valid user file name?
  • a) ram.txt 
  • b) ram.exe 
  • c) ram.sys 
  • d) ram.com

Q4: Which user file is commonly known as DOS start-up?
  • a) config.sys 
  • b) autoexec.bat 
  • c) io.sys 
  • d) config.db

Q5:Which will store all the commands keyed by user in DOS prompt?
  • a) diskcopy 
  • b) doskey 
  • c) cls 
  • d) format

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