Operating System (Online Practice) Page 55

Q1: 800x600, 1024x768 etc. represents
  • a) screen size 
  • b) screen resolution 
  • c) picture size 
  • d) icon size

Q2: Which of the following cannot be performed by right clicking on the hard drive and selecting properties?
  • a) scandisk 
  • b) drive converter (FAT 32) 
  • c) disk defragmenter 
  • d) disk cleanup

Q3: It is called the place where a user can store file.
  • a) cursor 
  • b) folder 
  • c) file 
  • d) all

Q4: Which tool is used to know the type of NIC installed on computer?
  • a) network manager 
  • b) NIC.exe 
  • c) device manager 
  • d) windows explorer

Q5: What is the purpose of MSCDEX.exe file?
  • a) loads a CD ROM DOS 
  • b) diagnostics utility detector 
  • c) loads audio player driver 
  • d) all

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