Operating System (Online Practice) Page 6

Q1: When did IBM release the first version of disk operating system DOS version 1.c?
  • a) 1981
  • b) 1982
  • c) 1983
  • d) 1984

Q2: Which Microsoft Operating System is designed specifically to support client/server system?
  • a) MS DOS
  • b) Windows 98
  • d) Windows 3.1
  • d) Windows NT

Q3: What dos NT stands for in Windows NT?
  • a) New Technique
  • b) New Technology
  • c) New Tricks
  • d) New Time

Q4: Which one is done to display the shortcut menu for an object?
  • a) double click on the object
  • b) right click on the object
  • c) drag the object
  • d) all

Q5: What is the first part of the OS that is loaded into memory when the computer boots?
  • a) BIOS
  • b) CMOS
  • c) Kernel
  • d) application software

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