Add Items to ‘Send To’. (IT)

  • ‘Send To’ feature enables to transfer a file to the required destination in easy way. It is one of the fastest method of sending file. But this features has some limitations, i.e. only some of the destinations are shown in the ‘Send To’ options like the removable disk, CD Drive, etc. So if we use specific destination frequently and if it is not displayed one ‘Send To’ feature, then we can have a trick.
    • For Windows XP.
      1. First enable the viewing of hidden files and folders.
      2. Choose the folder or destination you want to appear in the ‘Send To’.
      3. Create a shortcut of it.
      4. Copy the shortcut of it.
      5. Go to ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Send To’.
      6. Now paste the shortcut you copied here.
      7. Finally, your desired destination should appear in the ‘Send To’.

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