Advantages and Disadvantages of WWW

  • Advantages
    • It is the fastest medium for transferring information.
    • Availability of mainly free information.
    • Low cost of initial connection.
    • The same protocol of communication can be used for all the services.
    • Facilitates rapid interactive communication.
    • Facilitates the exchange of huge volumes of data.
    • Facilitates the establishment of professional contact.
    • Facilitates access to different sources of information, which is continuously up-dated.
    • Facilitates management of companies information system.
    • lt is accessible from anywhere.
    • It has become the global media.

  • Disadvantages 
    • Danger of overload and excess information.
    • It requires an efficient information search strategy.
    • The search can be slow.
    • It is difficult to filter and prioritize information.
    • No guarantee of finding what one is looking for.
    • There is a lot of apparently unconnected information.
    • Net becomes overloaded because of large number of users.
    • No regulation.
    • No quality control over available data.
    • The ease with which information can be constantly up-dated can cause problems of referencing.

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