Convert Password Protected PDF files to Word / Text files

  • There are variety of software that can be used to easy conversion of pdf files to other formats. They come with easy handy tools. So it is very easy to use and no extra IT knowledge is needed. Just open the file with the software, and press convert button.
  • So get the easy software and convert the files easily with just few mouse clicks.
  • It is easy technique converting pdf files to word file using such software that can convert it. But some pdf files may be password protected. Then, the converter may not able to convert it or the conversion may not be easy. 
Here is a solution.
  • convert the pdf file to image (jpeg). use any software for that.
  • open "microsoft one note" application.
  • click insert-pictures-from files
  • select the file that is converted to jpeg.
  • the file will be appeared in the "microsoft one note".
  • right click the image and select "copy text from picture".
  • now, open any text editor application like MS word, notepad, etc.
  • paste the text there. It will be now editable text.
  • save the file.

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