Field Properties - Their Meaning - Access

Field Property Meaning
  • Field size
  • Maximum number of characters or value which can be entered. The field size property
  • Format
  • It gives the layout for the field. Determines the way that the field appears when it it displayed or printed in datasheets, or in forms or reports that are bound to be field.
  • Input mask
  • A way or patterned of data to be entered.
  • Caption
  • The label of field. This field is used when need to display an alternate name for the field to explain the field name.
  • Default value
  • The value automatically enters for the new record.
  • Decimal places
  • The number of digits to the right of the decimal place.
  • Validation rule
  • An expression that limits the value to be entered in the field. It checks for invalid data.
  • Validation Text
  • It displays the message if the entered data fails the validity rule.
  • Required
  • The data need to be entered.
  • Allow zero length
  • Permit the zero length of string.
  • Indexed
  • Speeds up the searches and sorting operation.

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