Get rid of unwanted items in “Open with...”

  • When a file is to be open and if right button is clicked,  there like to see an option called ‘Open with’, which list several available programs on the computer to open the file with. To clear up this list of unwanted items, or to remove useless associations, given trick can be done.
    1. Start registry editor.
    2. Navigate to  HKEY_CURRENT-USER \ software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ FilesExts.
    3. Under this, find the extension you wish to edit and expand it to locate the key that says “OpenWithList”.
    4. In the right pane, there will be displayed the list of programs like explorer.exe, notepad.exe etc.
    5. Select the option you want to discard.
    6. And delete it.
  • If you inadvertently remove and entry that you would need, you needn’t fret; 
    1. When you right click a file, there will be an option in the ‘Open With’ extension that will let you choose any program on your computer to open the file.
    2. Once used, the option will reappear in the list of associated programs.

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