HTML (Online Practice) Page 12

Q1: <td>..</td> tag is used for
  • a) table records
  • b) table row 
  • c) table heading  
  • d) all

Q2: Which colors define the screen color?
  • a)    red, black, blue
  • b)    red, green, blue
  • c)    green, blue, yellow
  • d)    green, red, yellow

Q3: Which one is used to create a list using lowercase character?
  • a)    <ol type= “a”>
  • b)    <ol letter= “a”>
  • c)    both a and b
  • d)    none of the above

Q4: Which is the correct tag for creating a check box?
  • a)    <input=”checkbox”/>
  • b)    <input type=”checkbox”/> 
  • c)    <input=”checkbox”=”type”>
  • d)    <input “checkbox”>

Q5: In which order a 6 digit Hex color (#FF8800) defined values of Red, Blue and Green?
  • a)    #RRGGBB 
  • b)    #BBGGRR
  • c)    both a and b
  • d)    none of the above

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