HTML (Online Practice) Page 16

Q1: Which is used to display images in HTML?
  • a) <pic src = picture file> 
  • b) <gif src = picture file>  
  • c) <jpg src = picture file>
  • d) <imgsrc = picture file>

Q2: HTML and XML are markup language
  • a) are based on SGML
  • b) are version of SGML
  • c) are independent of SGML
  • d) all

Q3: XML uses
  • a) user defined tags
  • b) pre specified tags
  • c) fixed tags defined by the language 
  • d) all

Q4: Cells spacing tag is used to define
  • a) space between cells 
  • b) cell itself 
  • c) column space 
  • d) border space

Q5: <tr> is used in table to create
  • a) table rows  
  • b) table column 
  • c) cell spacing 
  • d) table border

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