HTML (Online Practice) Page 19

Q1: The tag <p> is used for
  • a)  breaking a line   
  • b) starting new paragraph
  • c) ending the document 
  • d) ending the paragraph

Q2: Which tag will display the text color to green?
  • a) <body text=green>
  • b) <body color=green>  
  • c) <body bgcolor=green>   
  • d) all

Q3: What is the REFRESH meta tag used for?
  • a)    refresh keywords
  • b)    redirect to a new domain
  • c)    to revisit the previous frame
  • d)    all of the above

Q4: Which of the following consists equal amount of all basic colors?
  • a)    white, black, gray
  • b)    red, purple, green
  • c)    black, blue, gray
  • d)    white, blue, gray

Q5: Which tag is used to left-align the contents inside a table cell?
  • a)    <tdleft>
  • b)    <td align= “left”>
  • c)    <td valign= “left”>
  • d)    all of the above

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