What are the limitations of computers?

  • Limitations of computers: 
    • Computer is one of the most powerful tools ever developed. I has many useful applications however, it does possess some limitations.
    1. Computers cannot think since they do not have a brain of their own. 
    2. Computers cannot change the steps while performing tasks.
    3. Computers cannot memorize as long as they are not given the instructions to store in the secondary storage. 
    4. Computers cannot correct input data.
    5. Need of proper environment.
    6. Need of special language. 
    7. Lack of decision making power - Computer cannot take its own decision. It needs specific instructions to operate. Computers can do only what is designed or programmed to do. It cannot interpret the data it generates and implement any decision that it suggests.
    8. Zero IQ - Computer is a dumb machine. It possess no intelligence of its own. its intelligence quotient is zero. 
    9. No Heuristics - Heuristics means learning from past experiences. Computer has no heuristics power. If a computer commits an error once and a similar situation occurs again, it will commit the same error again. It cannot learn from its past experiences.

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