What is PKI and its use?

  • PKI - (Public Key Infrastructure) is a security management system including hardware, software, people, process and policies, dedicated to the management of digital certificates for the purposes of secure exchange of electronic message.
  • A public key infrastructure (PKI) supports the distribution and identification of public encryption keys, enabling users and computers to both securely exchange data over networks such as the Internet and verify the identity of the other party. 

  • Why is PKI used?
    • PKI is used for information privacy and authentication over transmission over electronic media.
    • The motivation behind a PKI is to encourage the protected electronic exchange of data for a scope of system exercises, for example, e-business, web managing an account and secret email. It is required for exercises where straightforward passwords are an insufficient verification system and more thorough evidence is required to affirm the parties' personality included in the correspondence and to accept the data being exchanged.

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