What is ROM?

  • ROM stands for Read Only Memory. It is one of the computer’s main memory devices. It contains vital operational programs. It is permanent in nature and is also called non-volatile memory. If the contents of the ROM is lost (using some special technique), the computer cannot work.
  • There are various kinds of ROM. PROM, EPROM, EEPROM are some types of ROM.
    • PROM – It is a programmable memory and is programmed by a machine called PROM burner where the programming is done only once. After it, the contents cannot be erased.
    • EPROM – It is erasable by exposing it to a high intensity ultraviolet light. Once programmed, all the contents are to be erased if it is to be reprogrammed.
    • EEPROM – It is electrically erasable. Specific contents can be erased by special technique.

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