Differences between data and information

What are the differences between data and information?


  • Data is collection of raw facts and figures.

  • Information is processed data.
  • It is not organized form.

  • It is organized form.
  • It does not give proper meaning.

  • It gives proper meaning.
  • Data is input

  • Information is output.

  • Raw form of any facts, figures or entities are known as data. Data alone does not give any meaning. For example, John, 500, account, balance, America, etc. are raw data individually does not give any meaning.
  • The processed form of data is known as information. When the data becomes information it gives meaningful result. For example, John has 500 balance in his bank account and he lives in America. Here, John, 500, account, balance, America all have their significant meaning. Thus, information is the organized collection of inter-related data.

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