What are the different parts of an E-mail address?

  • An email address contains mainly three components. They are demonstrated as follows:
    • Example of email address: xyzcompany@domain.com
  • 1) Account name (or username): 
    • It is the part of the email address that identifies the name of the user account. 
    • In the example given, 'xyzcompany' is the account name. It has to be unique.
  • 2) @ sign:
    •  In the case of email address, this symbol is pronounced as 'AT' and not as 'AT THE RATE'. This symbol is used in an email address to separate account name from domain name. When a computer tries to understand an email address, it split the address from '@' sign.
  • 3)  Domain name:
    • This is the part of email address that identifies the name of the server that host the email. 
    • In the example, 'domain.com' is the domain name.
    • It is not necessary that the domain name would always be of a .com kind. It may be of different domain extension like .org, .net, .gov, etc.

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