What is hybrid computer?

  • Hybrid computer is one, which can do the task of digital as well as analog computer. It is the computer that exhibits features of both analog and digital computer. 
  • In hybrid computer, the digital segments perform process control by conversion of analog signals to digital one. It helps the user to process both continuous and discrete data. They have the speed of analog computers and the accuracy of digital computers. 
  • In the hybrid computer, a converter is fixed to convert the analog signals into digital signals and digital signals into analog signals. 
  • Hybrid computers are special purpose machines. These computers are generally used in scientific applications, aeroplanes and industrial control processes. 
  • A hybrid computer system offers a much cost effective method that is used to perform complex simulations. 
  • Examples: 
    • Hybrid computer is the computer used in hospitals to measure the heartbeat of the patient.
    • Devices used in petrol pump.
    • Hybrid Machines are generally used in scientific applications or in controlling industrial processes.

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