What are the differences between internet and intranet?

  • The terms Internet and Intranet are most widely used terms. Many people think both are similar, but there are lots of differences between them.
     Internet Intranet
    1. Internet is general to PCs all over the world. 
    1. Intranet is specific to few PCs.
    1. Internet has wider access and provides a better access to websites to large population.
    1. Intranet is restricted to specific population.
    1. Internet is not as safe as Intranet as Internet is publicly accessible.
    1. Intranet can be safely privatized as per the need..
    1. The number of users who use internet is Unlimited.
    1. The number of users is limited.
    1. Internet contains different source of information and is available for all.
    1. Intranet contains only specific group information

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