First generation of computer

  • The first generation computers were developed during 1946 to 1958/ The vacuum tube was an extremely important step in the advancement of computers. Its purpose was to act like an amplifier and switch. Without any moving parts, vacuum tubes could take very weak signals and make the signal stronger (amplify it). Vacuum tubes could also stop and start the flow of electricity instantly (switch). 
  • The features of first generation computers were:
    • Use of vacuum tubes
    • Big and clumsy
    • High electricity consumption
    • Programming in mechanical language
    • Larger AC were needed
    • Lot of electricity failure
    • Low level of accuracy and reliability
    • Mainly used in commercial and scientific applications.
  • The examples of the first generation computer were ENIAC, EDVAC, EDSAC, UNIVAC-I, and IBM 650.

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