Fourth Generation of Computer

  • The fourth generation computers were developed during 1975-1990. This generation can be characterized by both the jump to monolithic integrated circuits (millions of transistors put onto one integrated circuit chip) and the invention of the microprocessor (a single chip that could do all the processing of a full scale computer).
  • The features of this generation of computers were:
    • LSI and VLSI technology used
    • Development of portable computers
    • Used in virtual reality, multimedia, simulation
    • Computers started in use for data communication
    • Different types of memories with very high accessing speed and storage capacity

  • The examples are:
    • DEC 10
    • STAR 1000
    • PDP 11
    • CRAY-1(Super Computer)
    • CRAY-X-MP(Super Computer)
  • One of the earliest personal computers was the Altair 8800 computer kit. In 1977 the Apple II was sold to the public and in 1981 IBM entered the PC (personal computer) market.

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