Third Generation of Computers

  • The third generation computers were developed during 1965-1974. The integrated circuit, or as it is sometimes referred to as semiconductor chip, packs a huge number of transistors onto a single wafer of silicon. Rebert Noyce of Fairchild Corporation and Jack Kilby of Texax Intruments independently discovered the amazing attributes of integrated circuits. Placing such large numbers of transistors on a single chip vastly increased the power of a single computer and lowered its cost consisderably. 
  • The features of this generation of computers were:
    • Integrated circuits were used
    • Power consumption was low
    • High level languages were used
    • More reliable and better in performance
    • Magnetic disks were used for auxiliary memory
  • The examples of third generation computers were IBM system/360, Honeywell 200 series, National Cash Register Century Series, ICL 1900 series and IBM 370 series.

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