How to make install windows(7/8/10) from USB stick

  • The Best Way 
  • Please Take Care: During this procedure you'll lose any data on your USB flash drive.
  • Please be extra careful during formatting, if you choose the wrong drive, it will erase it completely. 
  • This guide provided as-is, at your own risk. 
  • System Requirements:
  • You will need: PC running Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Windows 7, 32/64-bit (depending on the system) installation disk USB drive with at least 8GB of free storage.
  • Preparing the USB drive:
    • Open command prompt as administrator - 
    • Right click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and select Run as administrator or type cmd in the Start search bar. 
    • On command prompt: type diskpart and press enter.
    • Locate your USB drive disk number by executing list disk
    • If the USB drive is 1. Run the following commands: 
      • select disk 1 
      • clean
      • create partition primary 
      • select partition 1 
      • active 
      • format fs=NTFS 
      • assign 
      • exit
      • Now we have prepared USB drive. 
      • Now its time to make it bootable: 
      • Insert Windows 7/8/10 installation disk, (32/64-bit installation disk) into DVD drive. 
      • If DVD drive D:  then Go to D:
      • And type cd boot
      • If your USB drive letter is “e” (check by going on my computer) please type bootsect /nt60 e: 
      • Now Copy all the files of the installation disk to the USB drive. (Just go to your DVD Drive and select all and go to USB drive and paste all)
      • You are now ready to install Windows from USB flash drive!

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