How to define start and stop points in YouTube videos?

When creating content for your audience, video is by far the most captivating. If you have a WordPress site, all you need to do is plug in the embed code and voila - people can view the video on your website.

But sometimes we only want to share the important parts or the highlights.

Start and stop videos at specific points

Sharing and embedding are two different things, and so the steps to do them are slightly different.

Sharing YouTube videos

Head over to YouTube and find the video you want to share. Let's take this video as an example.

Find the part you want to highlight - where you want the video to start and stop. Convert those values into seconds.
Example: You want to highlight 01:30-02:10 of the video. In seconds that would be 90-130.

Edit the URL so it transforms from this, to this

Delete '?watch'
Replace the '=' with '/'
Add '?start=x' and '&end=y', where x = starting point in seconds and y=end point in seconds.

When you go to the new URL, the video will show up in full screen and start and stop at the defined points.

Embedding YouTube videos

Find the video you want to embed. Let's use the same video above.

Click on Share, then Embed

Click Show more, then check Show player controls only.

Copy the highlighted code.

Go to your site and create a new post/page.

View it in HTML layout tab and paste the code.

Edit the code. Click this link to view the code (brackets aren't allowed in the description)

On that last step, you need to add 'start=x&end=y&' where x = starting point in seconds and y=end point in seconds.

There you have it! What videos are you going to embed in your website? Remember to do the steps above so you can quickly give the information your audience needs.

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