How to Hide Excel Formulae and Protect Worksheet in Spreadsheet

How to Hide Excel Formula and Protect Worksheet in Spreadsheet / Ms Excel

  • Luckily, Excel makes it fairly simple to hide formulas. Just follow the steps below. 
  • Hide the Formulas 
  • By default, when you click on a cell, its formula appears in the formula bar (as shown in the image).
  • To hide formulas:

    • Select the cells for which you to want to hide the formulas.
    • Right-click the cell (or cells) and choose Format Cells.
    • In the Format Cells dialog box, click the Protection tab.
    • Check the Hidden box (as shown in the image)
    • Note: Hidden is what prevents the user from seeing the formula. Locked prevents the user from changing the contents of the cell. Locked is set by default. 
    • And click OK.

    Protect the Sheet
    • Important Step: Setting the cell format to hidden has no effect until you protect the sheet!
    • On the Review ribbon, click Protect Sheet.
    • In the Protect Sheet dialog box, type a password. No one (including yourself) will be able to unprotect the sheet to make changes without typing the password, so do not forget the password! 
    • Click OK
    • In the Confirm Password dialog box, Excel asks you to retype the password you selected. This prevents a typographical error in the password from locking up your spreadsheet forever. Retype the password and click OK.
    • That’s it! The formulas in your worksheet are now protected, and your users cannot see or edit the formulas. To verify it, click on a formula: (As shown in the image).
    • The formula no longer appears in the formula bar.

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