Did You Know That (About the First) - 2

  • Iceland was the first country to legalise abortion in 1935.
  • In 1872 Yellowstone in the US was the world's first national park.
  • In 1878 the first telephone book made contained only 50 names.
  • Instant coffee was invented in 1901.
  • Instant mashed potatoes (dehydrated potato flakes) were invented in Canadian in 1962.
  • John Cadbury founded the Cadbury chocolate company in England in 1842 producing the first chocolate bars.
  • MTV (Music Television) made its debut at 12:01 a.m. August 1st 1981 (the first music video shown 'Video killed the radio star' by the Buggles).
  • Naming of tropical storms and hurricanes officially began in 1953.
  • Paper money was first used in China.
  • Plastic bottles were first used for soft drinks in 1970.

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