Make Programs - Part I

    Questions for programming / Programming Practice / Questions List (Qbasic Code)
  1. To find the sum of any three numbers. (View Code)
  2. To check a triangle whether it is right angled or not when angles are given. (View Code
  3. A program to check a triangle whether it is right angled or not when sides are given. (View Code)
  4. To find greatest / largest number among three numbers. (View Code)
  5. To find out the smallest number among any three numbers. (View Code
  6. To check entered character is vowel or consonant. (View Code)
  7. To draw a circle. (View Code)  
  8. To find out the area of rectangle. (View Code)
  9. To calculate the area of a circle. (View Code)
  10. To calculate area and circumference of a circle. (View Code)
  11. To find the volume and area of a box. [(v = l*b*h) and a = 2*(l*b+b*h+h*l)] (View Code)
  12. To find simple interest for a given principle, time and rate of interest. (View Code)
  13. To convert temperature given in Centigrade into Fahrenheit. [C = (F – 32) * (5 / 9)] (View Code)
  14. To convert temperature given in Fahrenheit into Centigrade. [ F = C * (9 / 5) + 32] (View Code)
  15. To find volume cylinder. (View code)
  16. To find volume hemisphere. (View Code) 
  17. To find the surface area of a sphere. [A = 4 *pie*r^2] (View Code)
  18. To input a number and check whether the number is divisible by 4 or not. (View Code)
  19. To check the given number is divisible by 3 & 5 or not. (View Code)
  20. To find the cost of painting the four walls of a room. [A = 2*(l + b) * h] (View Code)
  21. To find the third angle of a triangle when two angles are given. (View Code)
  22. To display area of a triangle. (View Code)
  23. To find the velocity of an object. (v = u + at). (View Code)
  24. To input the sides of triangle and to check whether a triangle can be formed or not. (View Code)
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