Multimedia (Online Practice) Page 1

Q1: Which one is the example of software used in multimedia?
  • a) CD-ROM
  • b) sound card
  • c) sound forge
  • d) MS-Word

Q2: The element of multimedia is ....
  • a) keyboard
  • b) windows XP
  • c) track ball
  • d) sound card

Q3: Main component of multimedia is ..
  • a) CD-ROM
  • b) sound card
  • c) hard disk
  • d) RAM

Q4: ..... deals with the recording and display sequence of images at reasonable speed to create an impression of movement.
  • a) graphics
  • b) video
  • c) animation
  • d) text

Q5: In order to work with multimedia, a personal computer typically requires which of the following hardware components?
  • a) powerful microprocessor
  • b) huge main memory
  • c) compact disc
  • d) all of the above

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