Multimedia (Online Practice) Page 2

Q1: It is a system that enables one or more users to move and react with computer graphics world.
  • a) cable television
  • b) virtual reality
  • c) electronic media
  • d) none

Q2: Which of the following software is used in multimedia system?
  • a) photoshop
  • b) flash
  • c) maya
  • d) all of the above

Q3: Which provides a visual impact?
  • a) image
  • b) graphics
  • c) video
  • d) none

Q4: Which one captures movies, or pictures from external devices?
  • a) video card
  • b) sound card
  • c) video capture card
  • d) CD-ROM

Q5:Which is the type of media used in multimedia?
  • a) text
  • b) sound
  • c) video
  • d) all of the above

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