Computer Security

  1. What is computer security? (View)
  2. What is Hardware Security? (View)
  3. What is Software and Data Security? (View)
  4. What is fragmentation? (View) 
  5. What are security measures to protects computer software and data?
      1. What is Backup? (View)
      2. What is Password? (View)
      3. What is Virus Prevention and Protection Policy? (View)
      4. What is Defragmentation? (View)
      5. What is Scandisk? (View)
  6. What are security measures to protect hardware?
      1. What is regular maintenance? (View)
      2. What is air condition (proper temperature)? (View)
      3. Fire (View)
      4. Power protecting devices (View)
      5. Voltage regulator (View)
      6. UPS (View)
      7. Surge suppressor (View)
      8. Spike guard (View)
      9. Dust free environment (View)
      10. Building with Restricted Access (View)
      11. Insurance policy (View)
  7. What is the function of UPS? (View)

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