HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

    1. What is HTML?
      • HTML was introduced by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the coding language for the Internet. Read More...
    2. What is HTML5? (View)
    3. What are the features of HTML? (View)
    4. What are the advantages of HTML?
    5. What is tag? (View)
    6. What is container tag or element? (View)
    7. What is an empty tag or element? (View)
    8. What is the use of  <marquee> element? (View)
    9. What is the function of <HR> code in HTML?
    10. What is the function of <IMG SRC> code in HTML?
    11. What is the use of BEHAVIOR attribute in HTML?
    12. What is the function of <BR> tag?
    13. What is the use of <FONT> tag? Why is it important?
    14. What is the use of 'STRIKE' element of HTML?
    15. What is the purpose of <SUB> element in HTML? 
    16. What is BODY section? 
    17. What are the three basic document tags?
    18. What is hyperlink? Who coined it and when? (View)
    19. What are the components of WWW?
    20. How are images added  on the HTML document?
    21. What is the use of BGCOLOR attribute in HTML?
    22. What is the difference between linked graphics and inline graphics?
    23. Which tag of the table element used to specify the table heading?
    24. What are the essential document structure elements?
    25. Is HTML a plain text file? (View)

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