1. What is Multimedia?
    • Multimedia is the integration of different media. The word multimedia is made up of two separate words: 'multi' and 'media', which means many materials through which information, ideas, facts etc. may be provided to the people easily. Read More...
  2. What is multimedia system? and its requirements. (View)
  3. What are advantages and disadvantages of using multimedia? (View)
  4. What are the elements of multimedia? (View)
  5. What are the application areas of multimedia? (View)
  6. What is virtual reality? (View)
  7. What is video conferencing? (View)
  8. What is multimedia software? and examples. (View)
  9. What is difference between multimedia system and multimedia technology? (View)
  10. What is multimedia presentation? (View)
  11. What is animation? (View) 
  12. What is hypermedia? (View)

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