What is Utility software?

  • Utility software is the type of software that provides useful service to the user of the computer by providing facilities for performing common tasks such as data transfer, search and merge of files, data and file recovery, diskette management, etc. 
  • Utility software is also called as service programs. 
  • It is a program designed to perform maintenance work on the system or on system components. Utility software performs different functions like viewing files, compressing files, diagnosing problems, scanning disks, defragmentation, uninstalling software, backing up, checking for viruses, displaying screen savers, etc.
  • Some of the examples of utility software are: Norton utility, PC tools, Prokey, etc. 
  • Some categories of utility software are:
    • Antivirus: (View)
    • File manager: File manager is a computer program that provides a user interface to manage files and folders.
    • Backup utility: It is a program that allows to backup selected files or an entire disk to a removable storage medium. 
    • Disk check
    • Disk defragementer
    • Disk cleanup
    • Disk compressor
    • Disk partitioning
    • Registry cleaner

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