Computer Virus

  1. What is computer virus? 
    • Computer Virus is the software program that have the ability to clone itself and can operate without the knowledge or desire of the computer user. Read More...
  2. What are the purposes of creating computer virus? (View)
  3. What are the symptoms of virus infection? (View)
  4. What are the ways of virus spreading? (View)
  5. What are the preventive measures from virus? (View)  
  6. What are the features of computer virus? (View)
  7. What is antivirus? (View)
  8. What are types of viruses? (View)
  9. What is boot sector virus? (View)
  10. What is file infection virus or program virus? (View)
  11. What is message carrying virus? (View)
  12. What is multipartite virus? (View)
  13. What is stealth virus? (View)
  14. What is self-modifying virus? (View)
  15. What is polymorphic virus? (View)
  16. What is metamorphic virus? (View)
  17. What is macro virus? (View)
  18. What is macro? (View)
  19. What is script virus? (View)
  20. What is script? (View)
  21. What is parasitic virus? (View)
  22. What is bomb? (View)
  23. What is worm? (View) 
  24. What is malware? (View)
  25. What is trojan horse? (View)
  26. What is backdoor program? (View)
  27. What is DDoS? (View) 
  28. Computer Virus Examples: (View)

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