Tricks and Tips

  • Household Tips and Tricks
    • How to remove those irritating stains? (View)
  • IT Tricks (Windows Tricks)
    • Add Items to ‘Send To’ (View)
    • Boot Windows From USB. (View)
    • Bypass the recycle bin when deleting files. (View)
    • Change the Theme and color scheme for the welcome screen. (View)
    • Get rid of unwanted items in “Open with...” (View)
    • Hide users on the welcome screen. (View)
    • How to startup a system faster. (View)
    • How to Hide/Show Ribbon in Ms-Excel/Word/Access/Powerpoint? (View)
    • How to increase internet speed? (View) 
    • How to go to BIOS on HP Pavilion dv 7 laptop? (View)
    • Password Tips (View)
    • Remove Login History In Skype. (View)
  • IT Tricks (Others)
    • Check International Dialing Codes. (View)
    • Currency Converter. (View)
    • Check Your Location. (View) 
    • Check Your Internet Speed. (View)
    • Convert pdf files to other format without pdf converter. (View)
    • Determine The Running OS. (View)
    • How to open EPUB file? (View)
    • How to download videos from website? (View)
    • How to share file or folder to others on dropbox? (View)
    • How to display HTML code on web page? (View)
    • How to refill toner cartridge? (View)
    • How to get free Master Card with $25 balance? (View) 
    • How to display random posts in website? (View)
    • How to define start and end points on youtube embedding videos? (View)
    • How to make install windows(7/8/10) from USB stick? (View)  
    • Use a spring from an old pen (View)
    • World time clock with different countries and cities. (View)
  • MS Excel
    • How to hide Excel Formulae and Protect Worksheet? (View)
    • How to remove leading and trailing spaces from text in Excel? (View)
    • How to set or clear a print area on a worksheet Excel? (View)  
    • How to find and remove duplicates in Excel? (View)
    • How to: Create a simple Userform in Excel? (View)
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