Programming Terms

  1. What is computer program? What is computer programming? (View)
  2. What is programming language? (View)
  3. What is a computer program? (View)
  4. What is computer language? (View)
  5. What is high level language? (View)
  6. What is low level language? (View)
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of high level language. (View) 
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of low level language. (View)
  9.  Advantages and disadvantages of machine level language. (View)
  10.  What are keywords? (View)
  11. What is variable? (View)
  12. What is string variable? (View)
  13. What is numeric variable? (View)
  14. What is integer variable? (View)
  15. What is single precision variable? (View)
  16. What is double precision variable? (View)
  17. What is constant? (View)
  18. What is string constant? (View)
  19. What is numeric constant? (View)
  20. What is integer constant? (View)
  21. What is real constant? (View) 
  22. What is accumulator? (View)
  23. What is operator? What is operand? (View)
  24. What is meta-command? (View)
  25. What are keywords? (View)
  26. What is operator? What is operand? (View)
  27. What is arithmetic operator? (View)
  28. What is logical operator? (View)
  29. What is relational operator? (View)
  30. What is assignment operator? (View)
  31. What is ‘bug’ in computer science? (View)
  32. What is debugging? (View)
  33. What is translator in computer? (View)
  34. What is language processor? (View)
  35. What is assembler? (View)
  36. What is interpreter? (View) 
  37. What is compiler? (View)
  38. What are the differences between compiler and interpreter? (View)
  39. What is source code and object code? (View)
  40. What are the differences between source code and object code? (View) 
  41. What is loop? (View)
  42. What is nested loop? (View)  
  43. What is structured programming? (View)
  44. What are reserved words and user defined words? (View) 

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