Computer Fundamentals

  1. What is computer studies? (View)
  2. What is mean by computer literacy? (View)
  3. What are the things that a computer literate understands? (View)
  4. What are the impacts of computer in society? (View)
  5. What is computer system? (View)
  6. What are the features of a computer? (View)
  7. Absence of computer in today's world. (View) 
  8. Why are computer so fast? (View)
  9. Limitation of modern computers (View)
  10. What is microprocessor? (View)
  11. Why is computer called an electronic device? (View)
  12. What is instruction cycle? Define working of microprocessor. (View)
  13. What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)? (View)
  14. What is program? What is software? (View)
  15. What is system software? (View)
  16. What is operating system software? (View)
  17. What is BIOS? (View)
  18. What is application software? (View) 
  19. What is packaged software? (View)
  20. Advantages and disadvantages of packaged software. (View)
  21. What is tailored software? (View)
  22. What is utility software? (View)
  23. What is device driver / driver software? (View)
  24. Differences between software and hardware. (View)
  25. What is Software Acquisition? (View) 
  26. What are the measuring units of computer? (View) 
  27. What is IT? (View) 
  28. What is dialog box? (View)
  29. What is megahertz? (View)
  30. What are the components of CPU? (View)
  31. What is computer memory? (View) 
  32. What is primary memory? (View)
  33. What is secondary memory? (View) 
  34. What is RAM? (View) 
  35. What is ROM? (View)
  36. What is 'Backing Up'? (View)
  37. What is firmware in computer? (View)
  38. Differences between primary memory and secondary memory. (View)
  39. What is cache? (View)
  40. What is mass storage? (View)
  41. Which unit of the computer has no moving part? (View)
  42. What is hard disk? (View)
  43. What are the advantages of hard disk? (Views) 
  44. What is CD-ROM? (View)
  45. What is DVD-ROM? (View)
  46. What is Blu-ray disk? (View) 
  47. What is COM system? (View)
  48. What is computer peripheral? (View)
  49. What is motherboard? (View)
  50. What is Expansion Slot? (View)
  51. What is Ports? (View)
  52. What is line printer? (View) 
  53. What is terminal? (View) 
  54. What is OCP? (View)
  55. What is impact printer? (View) 
  56. What is non-impact printer? (View)
  57. What is bar code? (View)
  58. What is plotter? (View)
  59. What is Electronic Data Storage (EDS)? (View)
  60. What is a scanner? (View)
  61. What are the two major fields of computer? (View)
  62. What is a Joystick? (View)
  63. What is light pen? (View)
  64. What is an icon? (View)
  65. What is CAI? (View)
  66. What is CAL? (View)
  67. What is PILOT? (View)
  68. What is computer simulation? (View) 
  69. What is data and information? (View)
  70. Differences between data and information. (View)
  71. What is data processing? (View)
  72. What is electronic data processing? (View)
  73. Advantages of electronic data processing. (View)
  74. What is coding and decoding? (View)
  75. Advantages of coding. (View) 
  76. What is data processing cycle? (View) 
  77. Who is data entry operator? (View)
  78. What is the responsibility of data entry operator? (View)
  79. What is digital divide? (View)
  80. What is intelligence programming? (View)
  81. What is clock speed of computer? (View)
  82. What is micron? (View)  
  83. Apple I Computer. (View)
  84. First IBM Personal Computer. (View)  
  85. First Microprocessor Intel 4004. (View)
  86. Intel i486 Processor. (View)  
  87. What is cloud computing? What are its advantages? (View)

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