Computer Networking

  1. What is Computer Network?
    1. Computer network is a group of computers that are connected together through transmission media to share the resources and information (hardware and software) from one computer to other computer. Read More...
  2. What are advantages of computer network? (View)
  3. What are disadvantages of computer network? (View)
  4. What are the services of network? (View)
  5. What is Communication? What is Tele-Communication? (View)
  6. What is Data Communication? What are its components? (View)
  7. What is data? (View)
  8. What is sender? (View)
  9. What is medium? (View)
  10. What is receiver? (View)
  11. What is NOS (Network Operating Software)? (View)
  12. What is transmission mode? What are the modes of transmission? (View)
  13. What is Simplex, Duplex (half duplex and full duplex) mode of communication? (View)
  14. Differences between simplex and duplex mode. (View)
  15. What is Transmission media (Communication Channel)? (View)
  16. What are Types of Transmission media? What is Guided and Unguided media? (bounded and unbounded media) (View)
  17. Differences between guided media and unguided media. (View)
  18. What is Server? (View)
  19. What is dedicated and non dedicated server? (View)
  20. What is Node, Host Computer, Terminal, Workstation? (View)
  21. What are types of computer network? (LAN, MAN, WAN) (View)
  22. What is LAN? What are the features of LAN? (View)
  23. What is MAN? What are the features of MAN? (View)
  24. What is WAN? What are the features of WAN? (View)
  25. What is network architecture / Model? (View)
  26. What is centralized computer network? (View)
  27. What is Client-Server Network? (View)
  28. What is Peer - To - Peer Network? (View) 
  29. What are advantages and disadvantages of client-server network? (View)
  30. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Peer-To-Peer Network? (View)
  31. What are the differences between client server and peer to peer network? (View)
  32. What is file server? (View)
  33. What is Protocol? What are some popular protocols? (View)
  34. What is Network Topology? What are its types? (View)
  35. What is Bus topology? (View)
  36. What are advantages and disadvantages of BUS topology? (View)
  37. What is Star topology? (View)
  38. What are advantages and disadvantages star topology? (View)
  39. What is Ring topology? (View)
  40. What are advantages and disadvantages ring topology? (View)
  41. What is mesh topology? (View)
  42. What are advantages and disadvantages of mesh topology? (View)
  43. What is network device? (View)
  44. What is RJ-45 and RJ-11? (View)
  45. Who is network administrator? (View)
  46. What is NIC (Newtork Interface Card) ? (View)
  47. What is Hub? (View)
  48. What is active hub? (View)
  49. What is passive hub? (View)
  50. What is Switch? (View)
  51. What is Router? (View)
  52. What is Repeater? (View)
  53. What is Bridge? (View)
  54. What is Gateway? (View)
  55. What is Bandwidth? What are its types? (View)
  56. What is Broadband and Base band? (View)
  57. What is data bandwidth and channel bandwidth? (View)
  58. What is Modem? (View)
  59. What is Multiplexer? (View)
  60. What is Modulation? What are its types? (View)
  61. What is Fiber Optical cable? (View)
  62. What are advantages and disadvantages of fiber optical cable? (View)
  63. What is SC and ST connector? (View)
  64. What is Twisted Pair Cable? What are its types? (View)
  65. What is STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cable? (View)
  66. What is UTP (Unhielded Twisted Pair) cable? (View)
  67. What is TCP/IP? (View)
  68. What is FTP? (View)
  69. What is SMTP? (View)
  70. What is HTTP? (View)
  71. What is POP? (View)
  72. What is Coaxial cable? (View)
  73. What is microwave transmission? (View)
  74. What is satellite transmission? (View)
  75. Who invented satellites? and when? (View)
  76. What is infrared transmission? (View)
  77. What is broadcast radio? (View)
  78. What is bluetooth? (View)
  79. What is CDMA? (View)
  80. What is Wi-Fi? (View)
  81. What is WiMax? (View)
  82. What is data integrity? (View)
  83. What is internetworking hardware? (View)
  84. What are advantages and disadvantages of guided media? (View)
  85. What are advantages and disadvantages of unguided media? (View)
  86. How have computers changed communication?

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